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AIDA NSW is the state branch of the Australian Irish Dancing Association known as AIDA Inc. AIDA NSW is a not for profit organisation with the purpose of nurturing, promoting and growing Irish dancing. It is made up of qualified teachers and adjudicators registered with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (CLRG) in Dublin Ireland 




Jennifer Bird TCRG

Vice Presidents
Jan Currie-Henderson ADCRG
Jan Berne ADCRG

Donna Cannon ADCRG

Ann Derwent ADCRG

Sarah Carrington TCRG 

Tegan Horwood TCRG

Minutes Secretary

Eleanor Grose TCRG

NSW Delegate
Genevieve Carroll TCRG

Feis Secretary

Allison Bennett ADCRG

Public Officer 

Bernadette Weeks ADCRG



Welcome to the new AIDA NSW Branch Website
During this strange time in Irish dancing as an example, for the first time in 75 years what do you do on a Saturday morning when you can’t go to dancing?
Irish Dancing has been the most enjoyable time in my life and with COVID19 I miss all my friends. How many of you feel like this?
No doubt it will pass so don’t despair, there is no place in the world as wonderful as an irish dancing
class with all your lifelong friends.
Keep smiling and enjoy life.
Your friend in Irish dancing
Jan Currie-Henderson TCRG ADCRG SDCRG MOAC
Patron AIDA Inc
Vice President NSW Branch Inc
Life Member AIDA


Bullying and unkindness, whether physical or emotional, are entirely unacceptable at any dance school. It conflicts sharply with the school’s principles and will always be treated seriously.


Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, which intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally.


Bullying can take many forms (including cyber-bullying via text messages or the internet).


If you feel that you are being bullied, or are concerned about bullying, please contact your teacher immediately.

Irish dancers gathered for St Patrick's Day
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Australian National Irish Dancing Championships 50th Anniversary Performance
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St Patrick's Day Parade 2013
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St Patrick's Day in Hyde Park 013
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St Patrick's Day Parade 2013
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St Patrick's Day Parade 2013
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St Patrick's Day Parade 2012
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Aislinn Podesta TCRG

Alicia Dunne TCRG

Alison Bennett ADCRG

Angela Fogarty-Kryal TCRG

Ann Derwent ADCRG

Ann Podolanko TCRG

Ashlee Renshaw TCRG

Bernadette Weeks ADCRG

Bernadette Whelan ADCRG

Bronagh Kelly ADCRG

Catherine Coleman ADCRG

Catherine Lea TCRG

Charmaine May ADCRG

Ciara Podesta TCRG

Colin Hester TCRG

Corinna Sheary-Maljevac TCRG

Damon Griffiths TCRG

David Laws TCRG

Donna Cannon ADCRG

Donna Carey TCRG

Donna Dankers TCRG

Donna Halloran ADCRG

Eleanor Grose TCRG

Elena Barrett-Hough TCRG

Elise Furlong TCRG

Elizabeth Lewis SDCRG

Emily Kennedy TCRG

Emily Palmer TCRG

Erin Brosnan TCRG

Fiona Moore ADCRG

Genevieve Carroll ADCRG

Glen Ryan ADCRG

Grace Macdougall TCRG

Hayley Cannon TCRG

Jacqueline Ryan TCRG

Jan Berne SDCRG

Janelle Knowles TCRG

Janice Currie-Henderson SDCRG

Jennifer Bird TCRG

Jennifer O'Neil TCRG

Jeremy Heggie TCRG

John Joyce ADCRG

Jonty Moore TCRG

Karen Cividin TMRF

Kate Halloran TCRG

Kathryn Higgins TCRG

Kathryn Johnson TCRG

Katie McGrath TCRG

Katrina Creer Hawse TCRG

Kelly Rumble TMRF

Kristen Piper TCRG

Kristin Knox TCRG

Leanne Halloran ADCRG

Louise Hanratty TCRG

Louise Lenihan TCRG

Maria Maher-Astley TCRG

Marie Sweeney TCRG

Megan Ryan TCRG

Moira Callanan TCRG

Molly Armstrong TCRG

Niamh Hester TCRG

Paddy Jessing TCRG

Rachel Sheard TCRG

Rebecca Lewis TCRG

Roisin Naughton TCRG

Sarah Carrington TCRG

Sarah Masters TCRG

Sharon Carey TCRG

Shirley Kavanagh TCRG

Suzanne Cox ADCRG

Tammi Curtis TCRG

Tegan Horwood TCRG

Tom Brosnan TCRG

Tracey Forrey TCRG

Xuan Luu TCRG

Yvonne Hill TCRG