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Congratulations to all our NSW dancers that took part in the World Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal Canada, you have all represented Australia & NSW proudly!!! A very special mention to all our NSW prize winners

Liam Costello Issac Bartlett


U21 Mens U16 Boys

Will Limbrey Roisin McHale Nicole Robinson

6th Place 15th Place 34th Place ​

Senior Men 21-23 Ladies Senior Ladies

Elliott Sutton Sarah Robinson Natalie Petkovich

10th Place 20th Place 36th Place 

Senior Men Senior Ladies U15 Girls

Congratulations to all the Australian dancers who took part in the 2022 Australian Irish Dancing Championship in Perth, Western Australia. A very special mention to all our NSW dancers & our 9 NSW Champions!!!

Chloe Davies 6 Years & Under Mixed

Natalie Petkovich

Intermediate Girls 13 Years

Danah Pham

Junior Ladies 17 Years

Grace Thomas

Sub Minor Girls 8 Years

Issac Bartlett

Intermediate Boys 14 Years

Liam Costello

Men's 19 Years

Chloe Halloran

Minor Girls 9 Years

Trinity Woelms

Senior Girls 16 Years

Will Limbrey

Senior Men

Congratulations to all the Australian dancers who took part in the 50th World Championships Championship in Belfast, Ireland. A very special mention to the NSW dancers who placed amongst some of the very best dancers of the world

Luke Chaumont Liam Costello Will Limbrey 4TH PLACE WORLD CHAMPION 5TH PLACE Senior Men U20 Men U21 Men

Isaac Bartlett Mia Robinson Roisin McHale 10TH PLACE 50TH PLACE 11TH PLACE U15 Boys U16 Girls 21-23 Ladies Elliot Sutton Trinity Woelms Sarah Robinson 8TH PLACE 35TH PLACE 11TH PLACE U21 Men U17 Girls Senior Ladies Clodagh Canning Allie Russell Nicole Robinson 67TH PLACE 13TH PLACE 23RD PLACE U12 Girls U19 Ladies Senior Ladies Niamh McDonagh Alanna Chaumont 36TH PLACE 28TH PLACE U14 Girls Senior Ladies

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