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2023 North American Nationals Championships

Congratulations to all our wonderful NSW dancers that took part in the NANs in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Special mention to all our place getters congratulations to all on such amazing results

Morgan Crammond Trasa King Niamh McDonagh

2nd Senior Ladies 13th U9 Girls 28th U15 Girls

Danah Pham Connie Sutton Ciara-Leigh Carey

4th U19 Ladies 19th U20 Ladies 29th U17 Girls

Elliot Sutton Brianna Woelms Daina Carey

5th Senior Men 20th U16 Girls 32nd U12 Girls

Liam Fitzgerald Kai Robinson Sophie Salvo

5th U20 Men 21st U14 Boys 37th U17 Girls

Trinity Woelms Piper Hough Emily Harmon

6th U18 Ladies 21st U13 Girls 41st Senior Ladies

Luke Chaumont Sheena King Cadence Woelms

7th Senior Men 22nd U12 Girls 41st U14 Girls

Mia Robinson Olivia Maljevich Ailie McDonagh

13th U17 Ladies 27th U20 Ladies 41st U12 Girls

Grace Thomas Mia Thomas Tara King

13th U10 Girls 28th U18 Ladies 55th U18 Ladies

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